DIVINE is an agency launched early 2017 dedicated to artists from the music industry, based on management, publishing, booking and event expertises.

Our will is to represent artists from different influences but all connected by a singular artistic vision and personality. We want to create with them a strong relation based on hard working, ambition, self improvement and human relations.

Through our networks we provide to our artists management services to boost and improve their careers all year long, on artistic direction oversight, label and distribution questions, publishing, communication strategies and improvement, PR & more.

As linked to many brands, advertising agencies and music supervision agencies, we provide publishing solutions to our management roster, resulting in synchs, original compositions, brand identity, but also copyright oversight and tracking for our artist's catalogue.

As bookers we also give to our artists live representations all year long in Europe, Asia, Canada, Central & South America. We always look daily to find gigs for our artists, more than just working on incoming offers, to develop each of them on new territories, get new opportunities, and upgrade our tours. We also provide live production solutions for our live artists, working on music construction, scenography, and main production.

Antoine Renaud
Artist Management & Bookings, New Business
Thibaut Passelande
Artist Management & Bookings
Laura Vieira
Legal & Production Manager
Laura Eldin
Creative Director
Etienne Mocquard
Admin & Day-to-Day Manager
14 rue Favart 75002 Paris France