L'Ordre Collectif
Else is a duo hailing from Toulouse, a city located in the South West of France. Their two first EPs ‘Pacific’ (2013) & ‘Mirage’ (2016) include powerful tracks that built Else identity such as ‘Her Movie’, ‘Mirage’, ‘1979’ . The singles « Paris », « Sonora », « You » and « Ambre » were released in 2016 and 2017. They allowed Else to highlight their own style. Else are not only known for their production skills, but also for their stage performances in venues all across the globe. The EP " Sequence, Pt 1 ", released September 2019 is the first opus of a double EP " Sequence ", which combines catchy melodies and raw rhythms. It gives birth to a hybrid music that melts all these energies together. "Sequence" shows a new perspective in the duo’s work, more mature and deeper whereas still dancing. Music videos were directed by Adrien Lagier and Ousmane Ly, two of the most promising directors in the new French scene. While we wait for the second part of this project the duo make us travel again with their track « Views », highlighted by a video directed by Mohamed Chabane in Paris, both produced during the lockdown.