(Roche Musique)

Booking Europe

Founder and artistic director of the inescapable label Roche Musique, which became a spearhead of the new French stage for international electronics, Cézaire is the scouter of major artists such as FKJ, Darius, Kartell, Cherokee, Zimmer or even Dabeull.

His heavy and powerful bass, pitch vocals and samples at the borders of Funk, House and Hip-Hop are captivating and picture the image of the label. Cézaire surrounds himself with renowned artists (Kaytranada, Stwo, Onra, etc.) with whom he plays and travels the planet.

Raised with the powerful and groovy rhythms of the 80s and 90s, Cézaire imposes a musical renewal with a warm and festive note. Cézaire released his first EP "Seize the day" in June 2016, a musical production both Hip-Hop and dreamlike, to be discovered at Roche Musique. Man of network, artist and promoter, Cézaire is a personality to discover on stage...